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USA Top Ski Trains

Catch the train to popular ski resorts across the USA

Amtrak Winter Park Express to Denver's closest ski resort

Rails-to-trails ski trains connect with some of America's favorite winter resorts. Photo: © Colorado Tourism Office

Savvy slat rats are in on the secret. They're ditching drives and forgoing flights to choose rail relaxation. U.S. passenger trains have had their ups and downs since the first winter trains hit Lake Tahoe in 1868. Today's rail renaissence is taking skiers to new heights with shusher specials on track from coast to coast. The year's big event is the revival of Colorado's beloved ski train – Amtrak's Winter Park Express is once again burrowing through the Moffet Tunnel to drop snow-sporters at Denver's favorite winter outpost. These days U.S. ski trains are connecting with dozens of U.S. slopes. We've zeroed in on nine of the best.

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