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Travel farther for less with an Amtrak USA Rail Pass

Union Station, Denver, Colorado

A USA Rail Pass is the flexible, affordable travel choice for backpack explorers, sightseeing boomers, and gap year student travelers. Shown: Union Station, Denver, Colorado. Photo: Alex Patton.

Free yourself from traffic jams and long hours behind the wheel. Escape the endless queues and nickel-and-dime fees of air travel. And ditch those pricey rail tours that end up bypassing bucket list destinations. An Amtrak USA Rail Pass gives you the freedom to go where you want to go, see what you want to see, and set your own travel pace. And onboard comfort and hospitality make Amtrak travel the most relaxed and enjoyable way to get where you're going.

"Where to go?" is a question that opens up hundreds of possibilities... over 500 in fact! That's how many destinations Amtrak serves across 46 states. Amtrak drops history lovers within walking distance of the Liberty Bell, the Alamo, and the steps where Abraham Lincoln -- and Barack Obama -- announced their candidacies for President of the United States. For outdoor enthusiasts, Amtrak provides easy access to natural wonders like Niagara Falls, Glacier National Park and Yosemite! And Amtrak passengers going for the burn can kick it jogging in Central Park, surfing in Malibu, or skiing in the Rockies.
With an Amtrak USA Rail Pass, travel planning is strictly DIY. Destinations range from Palm Beach to Palm Springs and from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. That means a single itinerary could pack a visit with Aunt Millie in Charlotte, a spectacular sweep through Boston, the Big Apple and D.C., and a few days at Orlando's Magic Kingdom into a single once-in-a-lifetime trip! Alternatively, a single two-week rail vacation might easily combine must-see destinations like L.A.s, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Grand Canyon!
Amtrak makes getting from place to place a pleasure. Wide reclining seats with plenty of legroom are standard. Upgrades are often available including sleeper accommodations on most long-distance routes. Most long-distance trains are equipped with full-service dining cars. Many trains serve alcoholic beverages and feature light menus in lounges or food service cars.
The Amtrak USA Rail Pass comes in three sizes. For the classic two-week vacation, Amtrak has created a 15-day rail pass that lets pass holders touch down in up to eight separate destinations. For extended holidays, Amtrak offers two additional pass products. Train travelers choosing a 30-day pass can extend their itinerary to include as many as 12 different destinations. And committed rail adventurers with time to spare can take 45 days to explore up to 18 unique locations.
Amtrak USA Rail Pass are available to US residents and overseas visitor, alike. That gives all of us the carefree, low-cost flexibility to experience the America of our dreams!

Amtrak USA Rail Passes are not available for purchase onboard trains. Travel must begin within 180 days of the date the pass is purchased. Two children, ages 2 to 15 years old, may ride for half-price when accompanied by a full fare-paying adult. One child, under age 2, may ride free with each fare-paying adult. The USA Rail Pass is valid for travel on all Amtrak trains except Auto Train, Acela Express, and the Canadian portion of routes operated jointly by Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada.
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