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Turkey's Instagram train... Roll like a Maharaja... 5 boozy train trips... more

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Rail Journeys

Guided tours and DIY travel by train

Train travel journeys

Check out featured Train Travel Journeys including guided rail tours and independent travel by train. Photo: Turkey's Dogu Express, between Ankara and Kars. at sunset. © Palace Gnome | Flickr

Turkey's Instagram train... Roll like a Maharaja... 5 boozy train trips... more

Dogu Express: The Turkish train journey that's drawing Instagrammers in droves []

Live Like A Maharaja On India's Luxury Train []

5 Boozy Ways to Travel by Train in the United States []

Phoenix, Tempe And Mesa: A Day Along The Valley Metro Light Rail []

Take a gorgeous ride through snowy Norwegian mountains, viewed from the front of a train []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Panoramic view from the Glacier Express, Rhaetian Railway, Switzerland. © Switzerland Travel Center

Switzerland's Rhaetian sensation... Across Siberia... India by train... more

The Rhaetian Railway – probably Switzerland's best train journey []

Crossing Siberia, from Moscow to Mongolia []

India by train []

10 of Europe's best ski resorts to get to by train []

Travel Tip: Using Public Transportation to Get to the Airport []

Train travel journeys

Photo: KiwiRail Northern Explorer crossing viaduct, Manganui o te Ao River, North Island, New Zealand. © KiwiRail

New Zealand from a train window... Slow goes... World's best subway rides... more

Passing panorama: New Zealand's glory from a train window []

Slow Travel Is Back: The 10 Best Luxury Trains []

The World's Best Subway Rides Are Yours For Only A Token []

Canada by rail: Big journey aboard the Canadian offers nice little opportunities []

What is the greatest American railroad journey? []

Traveling Cross Country by Amtrak []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Amtrak Southwest Chief on a Los Angeles-Chicago run passes through Rowe, New Mexico. © Mark LLanuza | Flickr

Riding the Southwest Chief... Gateway to India... Osaka-Tokyo by local train... more

Riding the Southwest Chief across country []

The ultimate gateway to India: A train window []

Taking the scenic route: Osaka to Tokyo by local train []

Three classic scenic railway routes for a Swiss ski break []

Kick Vacation Stress to the Curb and Travel by Train! []

Coming soon: Jungle safari on a vintage train in Uttar Pradesh, India []

New Zealand: Orient Express-style luxury train plan unveiled []

43 things that annoyed a New Orleans streetcar passenger ... in 1885 []

Train travel journeys

Check out featured Train Travel Journeys including guided rail tours and independent travel by train. Photo: Amtrak Empire Builder heading towards West Glacier Station Montana. © Loco Steve | Flickr

West by Northwest... The trains of South Africa... Tracking Transylvania... more

Riding the Empire Builder train through America's Midwest []

Here's A Guide To Travelling Through South Africa By Train []

Romania’s first tourist train will go on a new journey next year []

Train travel to North Carolina allows a leisurely trip back in time []

How the Amtrak Dining Car Could Heal the Nation []

Play stations: UK railway stops worth lingering at []

Train travel journeys

Photo: TranzAlpine Express crossing the Bealey River, Southern Alps, New Zealand. © KiwiRail

Across New Zealand's Alps... England to Hong Kong... Tokyo on $1.25 a day... more

TranzAlpine Express: Take the slow train []

Couple travel from England to Hong Kong using only public transport []

You can spend a whole day on the Tokyo rail network for just 90p ($1.25). Here's how []

How the Orient Express Became the World's Most Glamorous Train []

Ride the subway in L.A. []

Ireland by train: Luxurious travel from busy Belfast to historic Waterford []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Red MTS trolley, San Diego, California. © San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

Car-free in California... 14 days across Nigeria... What 268 mph is like... more

Car-free in California, from San Francisco to L.A. to San Diego []

Across Nigeria By Train: An Adventurer's Review []

Want To Ride A Commercial Train That Hits 268 MPH? Go To China []

Switzerland by train: cutting-edge railways deliver glorious alpine vistas and history galore []

Germany: A delightful tour of the country's romantic castles and pretty villages []

You Can Visit Rome, Florence, and Venice by High-Speed Train for Just $104 []

Train travel journeys

Check out featured Train Travel Journeys including guided rail tours and independent travel by train. Photo: The Belmond Grand Hibernian rolls through the Irish countryside at dusk. © Belmond

The best of Ireland... Australia's epic journey... Ski Europe by train... more

This Train Trip Will Give You the Best Views of Ireland []

Australia's greatest train journey: 100 years of the Indian Pacific railway []

Europe: 12 Great Ski Resorts That Are Easy To Reach By Train []

Japan: JR firms offer cross-country train tour featuring a ride on the resurrected Cassiopeia []

8 extraordinary Indian rail journeys you must experience []

Three Tokyo day trips step into Japanese history []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Oriental Desert Express travels between Oujda and Bouarfa, Morocco. © Train Maroc

Across Morocco's desert... London-Scotland by night... NYC's coolest ride... more

Bond's 'Desert Express' for Morocco tourists []

Caledonian Sleeper: Why catching the overnight train from London to Scotland is better than flying []

New York’s coolest ride: the Roosevelt Island Tram is the most unique way to get around []

Traveling from Moscow to Vladivostok by train []

All aboard Vietnam's nostalgic North-South railway []

Life Aboard The Longest Train Ride Through India []

This Hungarian Subway Is Like a Ride Into the Past []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Myanmar Railways train at Mandalay Station, Myanmar. © Pol Llopart | Flickr

Slow train to Mandalay... Wales on rails... LA to Seattle for 97 bucks... more

On A Slow Train To Mandalay []

Wales on rails: fine food and great views on the Holyhead to Cardiff []

Ride Amtrak for $97 from LA to Seattle []

Tips for riding Germany's trains and trams []

New Zealand: Taking the train through beautiful country []

Madrid to Barcelona by fast train: Up to 300km per hour on Spain's high-speed train []

Mike Pound: Train trip across Missouri recalls different era []

Train travel journeys

Photo: The Polar Bear Express rolls through Northern Ontario, Canada. © Ontario Northland

Polar Bear training... Bikes on board... Glasgow to Hong Kong... more

Riding the Polar Bear Express through northern Ontario []

6 beautiful trips that combine bikes and trains []

'How I travelled from Glasgow to Hong Kong by train' []

New High Speed Rail Makes Paris To Bordeaux Travel A Cinch []

Eat Your Way Through Eurail's New Switzerland-Italy Train Route []

The Belmond Andean Explorer Is the Most Luxurious Train Ride You'll Ever Take []

How the Trans-Siberian railway became the love train []

Japan's swanky Royal Express train debuts to travel along scenic Izu coast []

Train travel journeys

Photo: HZ train, Kastel Stari, Dalmation Coast, Croatia. © Patrick Böttger | Flickr

Slovenia-Croatia by pass... Dragon's Back on track... Surviving India's rails... more

Luxury train debuts in Japan on Yokohama-to-Shimoda route along Izu coast []

The Belmond Andean Explorer Is the Most Luxurious Train Ride You'll Ever Take []

Surprises join a train trip from Slovenia to Croatia []

7 scenic train journeys in China -- riding the Dragon's Back []

Indian trains: a survival guide []

Everything you need to know about taking the train in France []

6 best day trips from Taipei []

Across China: A Uygur's journey []

Belmond to debut Grand Suites on Venice Simplon-Orient-Express next spring []

Train travel journeys

Photo: First Passage to the West tour train, Rocky Mountaineer, Canada. © Rocky Mountaineer.

Canada's epic rail cruise... India's longest ride... Kenya first class... more

Rocky Mountaineer is a first-class experience []

Photo-series documents the longest train ride in India []

Kenya: Travelling First Class in a Train []

See Puglia by Fast and Frugal Train []

25 Tips When Traveling by Train for Business []

Getting around Azerbaijan by train []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Belmond Andean Explorer, Peru. © Simon Pielow | Flickr

Peru's Andean Explorer... Tracking Portugal's Douro... Kenya's prayer train... more

Peru's Andean Explorer: A luxury train journey on the roof of the world []

Portugal's Douro Presidential Train: The world's tastiest rail journey []

Kenya's prayer train: A commute of prayers and songs []

Yangon's Circle Line []

This map gives you all the tube knowledge you never knew you wanted []

Exploring London's 'secret' Mail Rail []

Cape Flyer Chef Brings Style Back To Train Travel []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Kandy to Ella train, throught the highland tea plantations, Sri Lanka. © Robert Duran | Flickr

Epic on the cheap... Coasting the English Riviera... Epicurian adventures... more

The World's Most Epic (and Cheap!) Train Journeys []

Britain: Travel to a bygone era on The Torbay Express []

Epicurean adventures: Top culinary rail journeys []

Three train trips to celebrate Canada's Confederation []

How to see Europe by rail []

Royalty-on-rails, now in South India []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Travelers ready to board the Inlandsbanan (Inland Line), Kristinehamn and Gällivare, Sweden. © Inlandsbanan

Tracking the midnight sun... Scaling Wales' summit... A day on LA's Metro... more

Train journey delves into Swedish Lapland and Sami culture []

All aboard! Snowdon Mountain Railway locomotive returns to summit after almost 20 years []

I Rode the Entire Metro in One Day. This Is What I Learned []

Trance of the Trans-Siberian []

4 of the best Scottish railway holidays []

Swiss Alps the backdrop to awesome train travel [insidebelleville.coms]

Train travel journeys

Photo: Chepe emerging from Temoris Tunnel, Copper Canyon, Mexico. © Visit Mexico

Crossing Mexico's Canyon... Tracking offbeat Europe... Buffalo art by Metro... more

Mexico's Copper Canyon train: a study in contrasts []

5 offbeat European rail adventures to take it slow and see more []

The best way to tour Buffalo's public art? Take the Metro []

Arizona: Sightseeing from the rails on Verde Canyon Railway []

Thailand: Make way for the train []

From London to the south of France: when trains are cheaper than a flight []

Train travel journeys

Photo: The world's highest cog train PIke's Peak Cog Railway. © Manitou & Pike's Peak Railway

Scaling Pikes Peak... Steaming around South Africa... UK's best sleepers... more

A late-winter train ride up Pikes Peak for fresh doughnuts at 14,000 feet []

Five steam train trips you can take across South Africa []

On The Rails: The UK's Best Sleeper Trains []

Vietnam by train – and the secret to eating rice with chopsticks []

On train journeys, you can discover the rhythm of life []

The Best New Luxury Train Trips []

London: The Haunted Tube Map []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Los Angeles Train Pub Crawl by Eric Brightwell. © Google Maps

Tracking LA's pubs... A Trip To North Korea... Strangers on a train... more

Los Angeles: A Local Hero Has Mapped Every Bar Within Walking Distance of the Metro []

A Trip To North Korea []

Strangers on an 18-Hour Train []

Fast track to Europe: Explore beautiful cities by train []

Japan's new luxury express train may be the best way to see Kyoto and Osaka []

The Ghan: How food is prepared on a passenger train []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Dune Train, Shongololo Express, South Africa. © Safari Partners | Flickr

Africa's cheaper rail safari... California's Skunk Train... Rail away in Norway... more

The Shongololo Express: Africa's cheaper rail safari []

California: To Northspur by Skunk Train, in the rain []

Rail's the way to travel through Norway []

Video: Train to Appalachian Trail []

The trains you can ride without leaving your desk []

Travel in luxury trains with two-storey suites – your next holiday plan in Japan? []

Take the train, avoid the pain: skip the spring break crowds at Grand Canyon []

Train travel journeys

Photo: California Zephyr, near Truckee, California. © tisdalem2001 | Flickr

Through the snowy Sierras... Blue Train reveries... Tokyo's subway maze... more

Riding the rails through the snowy Sierras []

Blue Train reveries: the Paris-to-Nice sleeper []

Navigating Tokyo's subway maze gets easier for tourists []

This Massive Rail Map Shows How to Traverse Europe by Train []

Australian train journeys: Melbourne to Sydney to Adelaide by rail []

Japanese bullet train rockets to sights []

Car-Free Vacations for the Urban Traveler []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Aboard the Tsugaru Railway's potbelly stove train, Aomori, Japan. © mmqmmq | Flickr

Japan's potbelly stove train... Siberia's rocket tram... Denver's new ski train... more

A Wintry Ride in a Japanese Potbelly Stove Train []

Siberia's speedy 'rocket tram' which only stops rattling through taiga when cold hits -58C []

All aboard the new Denver ski train []

Is this the world's most spectacular steam train journey? []

All aboard the Alaska Railroad []

The longest train journey []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Pathankot-bound Kangra Valley Railway steam train departing Nagrota, India. © Phil Cotterill | RailPictures.Net

Himalyas on the cheap... Tales from a train... Romance on the rails... more

A 100-mile rail trip through the Himalayas – for just 42p []

Tales from a Train: Travelers tell stories of their journey []

Romance on the rails: 5 train trips to take with that special someone []

Inside the Most Luxurious Train in Africa: Rovos Rail []

Exploring The Best Routes Of Europe By Train []

How to ride the last remaining sleeper trains []

Bucket-list train trips: Riding the Trans-Siberian Railway []

Breathtaking views that inspired Lord Byron: A spectacular trip on Europe's highest railway []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Transrapid maglev (magnetic levitation) train, Shanghai, China. © David Spiciarich | Flickr

The world's fastest train... Through Texas heartland... Abuja to Kaduna... more

Shanghai: A high speed getaway like no other []

Amtrak journey to Fort Worth offers different view of Texas []

Nigeria: The Train Ride From Abuja to Kaduna []

Bullet train guide to east Japan []

The 50 greatest train journeys on Earth []

This Spectacular 4-Night Train Trip Across Canada Only Costs $397! []

Hokkaido's Nagamare Kaikyo train tour rated best in Japan in 2016 []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Indian Pacific, Nullarbor Plain, Australia. © Great Southern Rail

A real Aussie adventure... Beer crawl via LA Metro... Turkey's night trains... more

Indian Pacific travel a real Aussie adventure []

How to plan a craft beer crawl along the Metro Gold Line []

Turkey's overnight trains: Oh the places you'll go! []

An 8-year-old girl's long journey home []

The Joy of Not-So-Secretly Drinking on Russian Trains []

Amtrak: We'll just get a private train car []

Traveling Around Alaska on a Train Is Totally Gorgeous []

6 amazing scenic railway routes across Scotland []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Amtrak California Zephyr, Nevada. © Amtrak

SF-NYC for under $250... Tracking the arts in Japan... From Hue to Danang... more

Across the USA by Train for Just $213 []

An Artistic Train Journey through Japan []

Hue to Danang: Hai Van Pass viewed from train []

All aboard - if you dare! Vertigo-inducing images chart the history of the Alpine railway with a 48% gradient []

The 5 World's Most Scenic Train Rides []

Amtrak ski train debuts between Denver and Winter Park []

Train travel journeys

Photo: The Jacobite, Fort William to Mallaig, West Highland Line, Scotland. © Alasdair Mulhern | Flickr

Scotland's jaw-dropping line... DC Metro for students... Shikoku's foodie express... more

Two jaw-dropping reasons to take a train on the West Highland Line []

Have Metro, Will Travel: A Student's Guide to D.C. []

JR Shikoku focuses on first-class food for tourist train []

New Zealand's Northern Explorer: Train takes the strain []

The 10 Best European Night Trains []

Tour Britain's cities and countryside on the heritage railways []

The Ghan, Darwin to Adelaide: all aboard the camel train []

India: Meals on wheels []

Train travel journeys

Photo: Franschhoek Wine Tram, Western Cape, South Africa. © South African Tourism | Flickr

South Africa's wine tram... Shinkansen sprint... Brazil's Serra Verde Express... more

The Wine Tram: The best wine route in South Africa? []

Mikawa-Anjo Station offers foreign visitors brief, cheap shinkansen experience []

Brazil's Serra Verde Express Is A Magical Train Journey []

Swiss sensation! See real snow from the comfort of a first-class seat aboard the thrilling Glacier Express train []

New York: Ski trains coming to Gore []

Why Myanmar by train is a bumpy bargain ride []

Japan Railways opening reservations for ridiculously luxurious Kyoto-west Japan sleeper train []

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