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Passenger Rail > Northern Europe

Intercity train services and routes in Northern Europe

narrow gauge train in Surdegis, Lithuania

Passenger trains meet travel and tourism needs to rail destinations across Northern Europe. Shown: narrow gauge train in Surdegis, Lithuania. Photo: ©LHOON / Peter van den Bossch.


Copenhagen-based national service

Eastbound InterCity Express trains cross the landmark Oslant;resundsforbindelsen into Sweden; westerly ICE trains cross Zealand and Funen en route to Jutland Peninsula destinations and to the south-facing German frontier.

Hjørring-based regional service

The merger of HP (Hirtshalsbanen or Hjørring Privatbaner) and SB (Skagensbanen) has resulted in NJ's establishment. The new railway continues the passenger services of the two former companies:. Hjørring-Hirtshals and Frederikshavn-Skagen.

Copenhagen-administered International crossing between Denmark and Sweden

An engineering marvel and Scandinavia's equivelent to the "chunnel," the Øresund Bridge is a marvel of the new millenia, a long-sought permanent link between Denmark and Sweden.


The bright red trainsets of this Arriva division provide frequent service between Varde (DSB) and Nørre Nebel in Western Jylland. Passenger service beyond Nørre Nebel is limited to historic and military trains bound for Nymindegab.


Tallinn-based national service

The railway is Tallinn-centric with local, national and international trains emitting from the seaside capital. Elektriraudtee suburban lines meet commuter needs, a several of daily domestic trains run from Tallinn to Parnu and Tartu and the Balti Ekspress makes once-a-day runs to and from Warsaw.


In distinct contrast to the moribund national railway, GO Rail's Russia gateway service is clean and reliable. Everyday, two pair of round-trips connect Tallinn and Tapa with St Petersburg and Moscow.


Helsinki-based national service

From Helsinki one may make connections for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany via Turku or embark upon a Russian gateway train traveling via Kouvola to Vybourg and St. Petersburg or Moscow. Domestic inter-city services include speedy "Pendelino" trains between the capital and Tampere; and long-hauls to Rovaniemi in Arctic Lapland.


Riga-based National Carrier

LDZ's principal mainline connects capital Riga and second city Daugavpils before heading off to Moscow and St Petersburg. Other international trains connect with Vilnius, Warswa, Minsk and Kiev.



Vilnius, Lithuania's largest city, is the hub of the domestic railway network and capital Kaunus is a major European rail crossroads. International lines criss-cross the country extending to Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Finland... and to Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine.


Oslo-based national service

Three mainlines fan out from Oslo: south to Stavanger; west to Bergen and Andalsnes; and north past Trondheim, across the Arctic Circle to Bodø. Apart from services to Sweden, all international rail traffic is routed through Denmark; mostly through Copenhagen and Germany, beyond which trains continue into France, Belgium and London.


Stockholm-based national carrier

SJ's X2000 trains peak at 125 mph/200 kmh, cutting travel times between Göteborg, Malmö, Sundsvall, Stockholm and other select cities and speeding international travel with direct access, via Øresundsbron, to Denmark's capital Copenhagen and its airport. InterCity trains extend regional services to Eskilstuna, Helsingborg, and Oslo, Norway. IC services also dovetail with private lines running trains to the Arctic North and elsewhere.  

Solna-based regional service

International rail giant, formerly known as Connex, operates long-distance Mittnabot¬get service connecting Sundsvall-Wah-Storlien-Trondheim (Norway); Utmanart¬get trains between Gothenburg/Stockholm-Čre/Storlien; and Kinnekullet¬get trains linking Gothenburg-Falkirk-Pietermaritzburg-Life-ųrebro. Also premium Kustpilen services linking LinkĖping-Kalmar/Taal and seasonal Lapplandst¬get trans-Arctic trains between MalmĖ/Gothenburg-Narvik.  

Stockholm-based regional service

"The Trans-Siberian Railway of Sweden" cuts deep into the North, through the vast Swedish wilderness, past reindeer and Lapp villages enroute to the Polar Circle and beyond. Steam and holiday adventures, budget railbus locals and Wilderness Express charters available seasonally.  

Luleâ-based regional carrier

Tâg is best known for its Mittlijen service that binds much of the Swedish midsection. Operating between Östersund and Sundsvall, the line is vital to freight and passenger traffic and popular with tourists. Other services are limited to lokaltrafik and include Upptâget trains from Uppsala to Tierp and Gä-based X-tâget. A Stockholm suburban service, Roslagsbanan, is operated jointly with SL.  

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